We fight poverty so communities will develop and progress!


The Position:
Our team is looking for Caregivers who can join us in bringing change to kids’ lives and to communities. Primarily, we’re looking for someone who:
● Attends to the needs of children
● Facilitates the values of children
● A good role model to the children

The Location (Rizal Province):
Lagundi, Morong or Valley Golf, Antipolo

● Bible-believing Christian
● Male/Female
● Graduate in Caregiving course or TESDA accredited in the Caregiver Curriculum or has a 1- to 2-year experience as a child caregiver
● Has experience working with an orphanage, a school or an institution that caters to child-care
● Has good communication skills
● Willing to stay-in the orphanage and travel for errands
● Flexible with the work assignment
● Has SSS, Philhealth, PAG-IBIG I.D. and TIN I.D.

If you’re interested in the position, send us your properly formatted CV: info@vhicf.org and use the following as your subject: “Application for the Caregiver position“.


For the unfortunate, neglected children in the slums and the families in communities drowned in poverty, there is still hope.

VHICF aims high in God’s enabling to do our best in taking part fighting poverty and elevating communities.


Providing excellent facilities, professional care and nutritious food to the children who are neglected, abandoned or orphaned–our staff and caregivers take good care of them with love and passion. We also provide full medical assistance to our kids. READ MORE …


We aid and assist in natural disasters and calamities all over the Philippines. As it maintains close partnership with foreign NGOs, charities and international foundations, it is able to quickly set in motion its local and very practical help and assistance of many kinds, aiding the communities that are affected by and through disasters. READ MORE …


In partnership with the Department of Health (DOH) of the Philippines, VHICF receives high class medicines from international donors that makes free medical services possible. Additionally, it sponsors many operations for children with cleft palate and major deformities that are correctable through surgery. It also provides the necessary post-hospital cares, physical and other necessary therapies needed. READ MORE …


VHICF has focused for many years on community projects among indigenous tribes such as the Aetas community of Apayao. In partnership with the local government, it has provided various training regarding agricultural development, healthcare, family planning and environmental issues such as waste management and the preservation of the forest. READ MORE …


Our mission is to reach out to the poor to promote and provide appropriate, quality programs and services that address the needs of the people holistically. With this, VHICF goals to nourish people that we can reach in God’s truth through Bible studies, planting of churches and presenting of opportunities for fellowship and avenues of helping the people know God and be nourished with His truth. READ MORE …


We have a big task and both the opportunity and privilege to make a difference. Located in Balut, Tondo Manila, our community program called Mercy Ministry caters daily to over 140 children living on Smokey Mountain and the Riverside slum community. For many years, we have been operating a nutritional daycare center there as well as providing nutritious, healthy food and a good shower for the children. READ MORE …

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